The Company is well equipped with high – tech machineries that gives out world class and tailor made product and is useful in stringent quality check. We have expertise in design and manufacture of control panels required for various fields such as heavy engineering automobiles industry, casting and rolling mills, chemical and process industries. We have qualified personnel expertise in design, manufacturing, development, project planning, testing & commissioning of all types of electrical panels.


We take proper inspection and testing measures in order to ensure fabrication of absolutely flawless products.

We adopt the following inception & testing Procedures:
Inception during Fabrication

Visual Inception is carried out ensure

  • Grinding of welds outside the panels in smooth and without any blemishes
  • Gap between the doors, when assembled, is uniform
  • Full dimension checks are carried to ensure compliance with customer drawings
Functional Inception

The various accessories in the control panel are inspected to ensure

  • Door locks are tightened & are free from rating
  • Bus bar is supported
  • Equipment mounted on the panel is functional
  • Air installation test is carried out with the help of meggar
Final Inception
  • Final inception is performed to check, whether the gaskets are properly installed, and accessories in the panel are symmetrical or not.
Fabrication Activity:

Except industrial type pedestal switchboards, we use sheet folded construction in our panels. Welding is also minimized by using fasteners (bolts and nuts). This also provides unitized constructions. Further the panel boards are fabricated from CRCA sheet having following thickness.

  • Frames, Load bearing members & large doors :    2.0mm/2.5/3.0mm
  • Partitions & small doors :    1.6/2.0mm
  • Front, back & side coves :    1.6/2.0mm
  • Gland plate :    1.6/2.0/3.0mm
  • Base Channel :    75 x 40 x 6/100 x 50 x 6mm/Stands.

Gasket of good quality is to be used on all four sides of the door to avoid Atmospheric effect & re-strict dust & vermin. Our panels have concealed hinges. Our Panels are dust and vermin proof, front operated; floor mounting, freestanding Compartment-talized, modular type extensible on both sides, Double front Operated.


The panels after fabrications and surface finishing, will be pre treated under seven Tank surface treatment process i.e., degreasing, water rinsed rusting, water rinse prospecting, water rinse and placation metal treatment process. After thorough cleaning of the above process the surface of the panel will be powder coated using high quality powder paints of required color as per customer's choice.

The panels section will be assembled together to form the required size of the panel required switchgear items will be assembled together and wired it to complete the panel as per approved drawings.


In addition to the above we also undertake design engineering and installation of all electrical like cable laying, panel erection, motors etc. Insulation of indoor/outdoor HT sub stations up tp 11/33kv using single pole/ double pole structure, HT panels erection, HT cables laying and End Terminations and transformers installation & commissioning etc.

We also take up installation of automatic power factor correction panels including power capacitors to obtain required level of power factor as per electricity board rules. Design engineering and Erection of indoor / outdoor Lighting works including poles fabrications, installation of Lighting board etc.

Design erection and commissioning of earthing system as per I.E. Rules and local competitive authorizes to utmost satisfaction of safety rules and regulations.