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Earthing Materials

GI, Aluminium, Copper Flat and Wire

    G.I. Strips & Plates

  • These are used as earthing material along the length of cable trays & electrodes.
  • These strips are available in different widths and thickness confirming to I.S.2062; 1992
  • Aluminium Strips

  • These are used for binding the cable Trays
  • GI Wire

  • These are used for binding the Cable Trays and available in various Gauges.
  • Stainless steel (SS) Bolts & Nuts & Washers Earthing Rods in M.S. Galvanized up to 40mm Dia ISMC CHANNEL & Angles.
  • Any other size of your choice can be supplied on order.
  • Note: Hot Dip Galvanized after fabrication I.S. 3043: 1987

Earthelctrodes & Compound

    Advanced Earthing Electrodes

    MNR advances earthing electrodes are engineered to endure the most enviously corrosive environments. These electrodes are robust enough to withstand fault currents of very high magnitude. Fabricated from excellent quality G.I./Copper pipes, these electrodes are virtually indestructible.

    The pipes are profiled with proprietor super conductive crystal-line compound/ which encloses the primary conductor completely, increasing its surface are and also forming a protective layer against corrosion. It never allows the primary conductor to come in direct contact with corrosive elements in the surrounding soil.


  • Robust design to last for a lifetime
  • Three level protection from corrosion
  • OUTER Pipe (GI/Copper)

    Layer of super conductive crystalline compound

    Primary conductor (Pipe/Strip)