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PLC Panel

We provide PLC Control Panel. Our control panels are capable of giving higher output and consume less power. Compact in design, these drives and PLC Control Panels are largely used in the global arena.


  • Very stable, industry-tested PLC processor
  • Solid, tested ladder logic (built to be a PLC first)
  • Excellent ladder logic programming software
  • Internal DC power supply
  • Easily configured for the project
  • Expandable for any size remediation project
  • Large memory for basic data logging requirements
  • Mod bus communication protocol can be used
  • Auto-tuning PID loops
  • Built-in clock/calendar for data logging and alarm data stamping
  • Two communication ports, which allows off-site modem plus on-site display or touch screen
  • Ethernet module available
  • Expansion or replacement modules almost always available for next day delivery anywhere in North America
  • Our PLC control systems can be used for stand-alone system control, remote system control, monitoring, reporting, and data logging.